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Using ancestral wisdom to help you reconnect with ​your true essence and reclaim your power.

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Lily Zepeda is a certified trauma-informed yoga ​instructor & Plant Medicine Integration specialist ​with over 10 years of experience leading workshops, ​retreats and working with Master Coaches. She ​combines her training at the Ecology of Shamanism ​school with her experience in inner-child work, ​Somatics and Polyvagal Theory Foundations.

She specializes in helping others to inner-stand their bodies, nervous system and sacred healing journeys. She is mentored under Plant Medicine Woman, Taheera Ma’at who combines her clinical training with the spirit world to bring us back home to our soul.

Lily is also an award-winning filmmaker who directed, produced and wrote an international documentary project, Mr. Toilet: The World's #2 Man, which was shot in 4 countries over the period of 5 years. Her work premiered theatrically in LA & NY as well as over two dozen festivals worldwide.



Join Lily for an immersive ​sacred medicine retreat with ​clinically trained facilitators in ​the jungle or a private ​ceremony in the comfort of ​your own home.


Lily’s signature workshop: ​Befriending Your Nervous System” ​combines yoga, somatic techniques ​and group discussion for an ​interactive experience that allows ​people to release tension, gain as ​sense of safety in their bodies and ​build a relationship with their ​nervous system.


Lily believes plant medicine's ​profound healing experiences do ​not end with the ceremony, and ​her integration coaching allows ​clients to unify the visions, ​messages and epiphanies from the ​experience into their day-to-day.

Discovery Call

For bookings and private ceremonies schedule a discovery call.

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Sacred Immersion Retreats

Do you feel called to work with plant medicines in a safe and intimate group environment? Consider an upcoming retreat co-facilitated by clinically trained integration specialists.


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My experience with Lily and ​Frantzces was very gentle. ​They guided me through my ​first Kambo journey ​accompanied by Rapé and I felt ​very supported. The ceremony ​was grounding and ​enlightening. I felt an immense ​shedding by the end of the ​ceremony.

- Kai

Owner of Sincerely Tommy

Lily was able to hold beautiful ​space during the retreat as well ​as assist in the medicine ​services. Her humor and ​gentleness carried the ​participants through very ​intense times. Also her yoga ​classes perfectly ​complemented the flow, ​providing the participants an ​opportunity to ground ​themselves into their bodies.

- Taheera Ma'at

Shaman | Clinical Therapist |​ Medicine Woman​

Having Lily’s support through my ​journey was such a unique and ​profound experience. Her ​wisdom and knowledge about ​plant medicine, its messages, ​and power is something that can ​only be taught by someone who ​has done their own work, and in ​turn, able to support others in ​doing their. I looks forward to ​many more experiences with ​Lily!

- Katie H.

Dancer, Mom & Coach

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